Positivity Concepts on Holomorphic Line Bundles
and Theories on Canonical Kähler Metrics

28-31 January, 2018, at Osaka City University.

Conference Information


Date: 28-31 January, 2018.
Place: Osaka City University (Sugimoto Campus), Faculty of Science, Bldg. E, Room E408 (4F).

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January 28 January 29 January 30 January 31
10:00 Mini-Lecture 1 Mini-Lecture 2
11:30 S. Nakamura K. Fujita M. Adachi
12:30 Lunch & Coffee Photo session Lunch & Coffee
Lunch & Coffee
13:30 Registration
14:10 M. Sera T. Delcroix R. Takahashi D. T. Huynh
15:10 Coffee Coffee Coffee T. Uehara
15:40 G. Hosono T. Hisamoto R. Nomura
16:40 S. Xie Y. Gongyo S. Kikuta
18:30 Dinner

Invited Speakers

Practical Information

Entrance on 28th sunday

On Sunday (the first day, 28th), all the doors of the building of Faculty of Science are locked except the "Entrance" indicated in this map. Please use this. After entering the building, please do not use any other door in order not to lock yourself out.

Conference Room

Conference room is Room E408 at 4F of Faculty of Science, Bldg. E.
See here for the access.

Faculty of Science Building is located at 12 in Sugimoto Campus map.

Photo session

We will take a group photo at 12:30 on January 30 (just after the second talk).
Please gather at the conference room.

Osaka City University Guest House

Please contact us as soon as possible if you want to use Osaka City University Guest House.
See here for the access map.

Conference Dinner

We are planning to hold a banquet in January 30 at 楽蔵うたげ天王寺アポロビル店.
It will start at 18:30.
Please contact Takanori Ayano (tayano7150 [at] gmail.com) as soon as possible if you'd like to join it.

Contact Us


Takayuki Koike (tkoike [at] sci.osaka-cu.ac.jp)

Supporting Staff

Takanori Ayano (tayano7150 [at] gmail.com)
Hitoshi Yamanaka (yamanaka [at] sci.osaka-cu.ac.jp)
Reiji Yoshioka (yoshioka [at] sci.osaka-cu.ac.jp)

This conference is supported by Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researchers.

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